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That worked.  :-)

snapshot of email with preset title for spambots

Anyone who wants to post a comment or contact for other nonspamming reasons can do so by selecting a different ‘category’ from the menu.  This wonʼt catch every spammer but the botsʼll need to be programmed to read.  Should work for a few months?


Update 2014-10-26: One got through yesterday.  Ah well.

drupal overlay i kill you

Iʼve turned off the Drupal Overlay system.  One too many times of the big problem.

The small problem is that itʼs slow.  (Isnʼt javascript always slow?)


So, we update ourselves. Yes the blog was hacked and started sending out spam of some kind; even the GreenAnorakist hirself may be pwned occasionally.  (This was all more fun when it was the black hats doing it; now itʼs just a botnet most of the time.)  The good people at Memset caught it fast and did the expected stomping.

Green Anoraks?

define(anorak) 'A protective layer under which the rest of us can take shelter from [ information systems | electoral systems | legislative systems | statistics | evidence-based policy requirements | other scary stuff ].'

Somebody have a problem with this?

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