drupal overlay i kill you

Iʼve turned off the Drupal Overlay system.  One too many times of the big problem.

The small problem is that itʼs slow.  (Isnʼt javascript always slow?)

The big problem is that in writing posts direct in the overlay I unthinkingly expect to use command+left to go to a line start.  This however is also the browser “back” command.  Almost anywhere else this isnʼt a problem because itʼs a real HTML form field Iʼm typing in, so I can use command+right and the typed content is cached.  (Doesnʼt apply in some https contexts.)  But this is an Ajax-created field, and nothing is saved unless you use the actual Preview or Save.

There are ways round this but itʼs a pain.  And really, the overlay is just a bit of gimmickry.  Speedy response here we are.  This post has it.