The Disgraceful Web Log

A mini-blog of websites I encounter which are irrational (if not actually impossible) to use.  This is generally because the designers have no interest in graceful degradation, and abuse of one or more of: javascript, cookies, Flash, or other plugins.  Some may be more creatively evil.  Some may be just broken.  There is no particular standard of notability here, but itʼs not because I donʼt like the content.  Usually I canʼt see the content.  Iʼm unlikely to revisit any of these, but bigif they are suitably improved some day, I have no objection to being informed.

Since Iʼve been asked, I thought I would provide a simple explanation about Javascript:

Javascript is a programming language.  Yes, it is a web standard.  Its purpose is to add behaviours to the content of web pages.  Its purpose is not to provide you with a slower, more processor-intensive and wasteful way of displaying the content of web pages.  If you donʼt want people to see the content of your web page, fine, but why publish it in the first place?

 Site Obvious Bad Tech Notes (up)Date javascript Letʼs see ... thatʼs four separate javascript-only links for each next image ... and not a single fallback html link.  Designer time well spent on? 2014-09-06 javascript There is a warning displayed here but none of the links function. 2014-08-30 probably javscript More of these non-functioning links.  This may actually be an interesting project.  But will we ever know? 2014-02-26 probably javascript Iʼd forgotten about Instagram.  I think itʼs owned by Facebook, so no surprise that it doesnʼt work.  It has a home page on which things do appear, but other than that, complete waste of time.  Mostly this comes up as links to images, for which you receive a blank page.  Because itʼs so difficult to just write an img tag, obviously. 2014-02-26 javascript at least Articles are not displayed.  I say again: articles are not displayed.  Only a teaser.  This implies that you are only allowed to read the paper if you can be tracked.  I never liked the Herald anyway... 2014-02-09 javascript at least Almost a blank (but black) page; lots of scripts in the code, but no fallback, and no noscript notices apparent. 2014-02-01 javascript at least ‘shop’ subdomain page is totally blank.  And these people are trying to sell a product?  IRL this is like paying a design outfit to do some sort of expensive storefront display, but then they paint over the windows as part of it. 2014-01-30 unclear, probably both js and cookies Page obscured by an overlaid registration form which would probably have display:none set by js.  This is just silly – you could perfectly easily have the form appear inline if you want it to appear by default, or just provide a link and set it to display:none by default. 2014-01-30 javascript at least Adobe used to have quite a friendly website years ago.  Then they acquired Flash and it all went downhill.  Itʼs been years since you could download a Flash plugin without js.  Looks likely that this will be the least of the problems with Adobe in future; I may never return. for years
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