Family-Friendly Filtering

I will be tremendously glad when the American election is finally over . . . or at least, when Donald Trump is no longer in the news, which may take a while longer.  Thereʼs a great many obvious reasons for this, but the one that matters to me at a visceral level is that Iʼve spent the last five years or so seeing photographs of him on web pages, on my laptop.  I suppose that I have to some extent become inured to the sight, or at least a bit more adept at looking slightly away, but still, every time I scroll up the page, he goes down in the direction of between my thighs, and I have the sense that heʼs about to grab my pussy, or something.

Which makes me think that it would be nice if there were some sort of browser filter available to just block images of him completely.  Iʼm not aware of one, but it would be a good idea . . . or indeed perhaps a more general filter that you could train for any face.  Critically, it should run on the local system; I donʼt especially want a filter which tells some remote site what news pages Iʼm reading . . . 

Or maybe thatʼs too much of an ask, or it might be too power-hungry (like someone else I coulddid mention).  My brain is at least half-way able to block him out, though it took four years of implied sexual assaults to achieve it.  (Or maybe itʼs achieved in spite of it.)  Maybe it would be a waste of all that effort to turn to software now.  Still, itʼs a thought; there are likely to be other faces Iʼd prefer to block at greater speed.