Photoshop modal dialogue bug

Ridiculous bug in Photoshop (CS4).  If you try to load a batch script, the default location appears to be Desktop, and if you happen to have an alias to a server volume there which youʼre not currently connected to (e.g. networkingʼs off or youʼre not at the office etc.) it has a completely modal dialogue box with no cancel button or option to change location, which halts everything and just comes up every thirty seconds or so saying this server canʼt be connected to.  The only solution seems to be to force-quit and move your server volume aliases.  This is the kind of thing that makes me want to go back to pre-CS Photoshop and never return.  Lower processor temperatures too...  I have no idea whether it persists in later Photoshops and I donʼt plan to submit to a licensing scheme to find out.  So Iʼm using the GIMP for the purpose.